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  • NMS Radio Hour

    We will be collaborating with small, local radio stations to bring an hour a week of North Mississippi Hill Country Blues to the airwaves!

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  • The Complete Archives

    While we are in our beginning phase, there will only be limited articles released for the first few weeks while we continue to write and publish articles for every single recorded person in the hill country blues world.

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  • Documentaries, Lost Videos, and Undiscovered Recordings

    What makes the Archives a unique spot on the internet is that we will feature documentaries, unseen footage, and lost videos and recordings for free on our website! For now, the You See Me Laughin' documentary is available for you viewing!

    Have Videos You Think We'd Like? 

You See Me Laughin': The Last of the Hill Country Bluesmen (Full Documentary)

Shake Em' On Down: The Mississippi Fred McDowell Documentary (Full Documentary)